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Sunday, June 23, 2024 - 08:28:59 PM

Saunarium - Saunas and more!

Finnish Sauna and Bio Sauna at the Hotel Berner in Zell am See.
Steambath Hotel
Heated Bench
Energy Rock in Hotel Spa.
Showers and Infrared Cabin.

The classy - rustic Saunarium in our new "Berner Spa" is arranged around a heavy rock. Shining in different colours on each side, the rock beams a lot of energy. The Saunarium consists of a Finnish Sauna, a Bio Sauna, a Steam Sauna, an Infrared Sauna and a heated bench to pause between sauna infusions.

The saunarium is ideal to rejuvenate after an active day out in the surroundings and the mountains around Zell am See. It's great for your joints and muscles.

If this doesn't help we can still organize a massage for you.